Visa’s Volume Trends Improved in May

In May 2020, Visa Inc. witnessed a YoY drop in the transaction volumes in the US. Besides, the payments giant saw a 12% dip in the total processed transactions worldwide. Let’s read more about the topic and find the cheapest merchant services in the UK.

Visa’s Recent Volume Trends & Cheapest Merchant Services

The COVID-19 lockdown has dramatically impacted the global economy. Visa Inc., one of the world’s biggest providers of financial services processes millions of transactions on a daily basis.

In May, Visa saw a 5% YoY drop in the total US payments volume. In April, the company witnessed a 13%-point (ppt) rise. There was a 12% YoY rise in debit transactions and 21% YoY increase in May. As for April, the company saw 17 ppt and 9 ppt increase, respectively. To compare, MasterCard reports about having improved its switched volume since the week ending May 28.

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More News About Visa Inc. During COVID-19

Nearly ¼ of Visa’s payments volume is still in the categories that’s been affected most severely by COVID-19. This refers to travel, fuel, restaurants, and entertainment. All these sectors saw more than 50% drop in April.

On the whole, payments volume increased all over the world, accounting somewhere between 5% and 7%, without taking into account China. When it comes to cross-border volume, the latter dropped by 2% on a constant dollar basis. Visa 34.9 billion transactions on its network, which was up 7% as compared to 2019.

So, Visa stock has been witnessing a relative strength line since late April. The company has registered progress in this regard even though the world is in a tough situation. Given all the developments in payments, make sure to work only with a respectable merchant processor in your field.

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